Not for everyone…

I don’t think minimalism is for everyone… I honestly believe that there are some people who are perfectly happy and content with their lives, their stuff and their choices. I don’t think they need minimalism. Why minimalism clicked with me is because by the time I discovered it, I had already been desperately looking for SOMETHING. I already knew things had to change, I wanted to change them, I was discontent… and minimalism simply provided a suitable framework that made sense to me.

I think people (or maybe it’s just me) tend to be so self centered that they often think they are the only ones going through a particular emotion or emotional state. So when you discover other people who are in the same state, you have this great relief of “I’m not the only weirdo out there” and just like that you belong again. I think belonging is important… as soon as you can no longer identify with a particular tribe, you feel misplaced and discontent because you are different… only the very strong and the brave can revel in their “differentness”… Sadly I’m not one of those people…

So when I listen to the podcast, read the book, hear a question – it gives me comfort. Comfort in the knowledge that other people feel the same way, have the same insecurities and challenges. Stories of people, like Josh and Ryan, who have managed to figure out a coping mechanism give you comfort and hope that perhaps, one day, you too will get your sh*t together.

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