Hello! I’m M, I’m a female in my early thirties, living in a big city and working in a corporate job…. and recently I decided to try out this minimalism thing…
I like things. I like things A LOT! However, as I get older my irresponsible financial behaviour is becoming harder and harder to conceal. Once my partners in crime and drinking buddies carping that diem… today are grownups in high paying jobs, owning real estate and getting married… all at the same time (conspiracy… aimed at getting people like me into even more debt)…
Anyhow.. I have been trying to adjust my behaviour and get out of the existential rut for a couple of years now… but about two months ago I discovered Joshua and Ryan (aka The Minimalists) through their documentary and subsequently books and podcasts.
Minimalism seemed to make so much sense and I found myself nodding in agreement as I listened to the podcasts. I don’t know… it just clicked.. so I’m going to try and make a go of minimising my life in search of a more meaningful existence.
I decided to record my progress in this journal for two reasons.. Firstly, I absolutely am not able to control crazy neurotic flow of thoughts in my head (note to self: learn to meditate) and secondly because I need to make minimalism my own… I realise that I am a woman, living in a fast paced big city who is not necessarily ready to give up the corporate job or my social life for that matter.

So I need to adapt minimalism to my life and my life context. Is it cheating? Can you still call yourself a minimalist if you are only one foot in?
Well… that’s what I am about to find out I guess…

Ps I apologise in advance for my atrocious grammar and syntax.. I write my journal entries on my phone whenever the thought hits me, so what you get here is a pretty raw version of what actually goes on in my head.